Spectrum operates a fleet of trucks to deliver telecommunications equipment across a national footprint. Offering both truckload and LTL services, we ship a variety of products including copper cable, fiber cable, and an array of outside plant general merchandise. Our core competency lies in the transportation of cable reels on a national basis. Spectrum maintains an industry leading asset tracking system that includes complete delivery information and can track assets down to the unit level including steel reel number, CAPP number, ARC code, product code, and custom reports. Representing value, service, and custom innovation for each client, Spectrum possesses the operational flexibility to meet short time lines and dynamic requirements.

Spectrum fulfills the full line of services between the computer manufacturer and the end user. We can place new assets directly to the clients desk, set up, and test before removing the return asset. In addition to qualified technical support personnel the company can warehouse, verify and transport all assets needed for the project. Spectrum can do all the functions required to remove old assets and return them to the leaser including the wiping of hard drives. Spectrum has the technical infrastructure required to track every asset handled and to provide detailed information of each transaction on a secure website used for interactive follow-up by the client.